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Only 2020 Season

Only 2020 Season

As the 2019 (transitional) season comes to an end, Team ONLY is excited to announce the start of the first phase of 2020. Now that we have a good idea of what the season will look like (unless CrossFit flips the script on us again), we have hit the drawing board and devised a plan to keep you CrossFit-fit throughout the year with a peaking phase into the October open. This will form the basis of the performance and gym blogs. Both blogs give you access to comprehensive seasonal training, progressions, workout intents and year-round competition (through our deep fielded leaderboard). What is it going to look like you ask?

The 2020 ONLY season will be broken into four distinct phases. Each phase has two blocks. Each block has four training weeks and a deload. We wrap it all up with a 2-week taper/peaking phase into the 2020 Open. 

The first phase is titled “Intense Strength with Gymnasty Abs” or ISGA for short.  We break the training pieces into six distinct categories with corresponding emphasis. This phase’s focuses are: 

  1. Strength -- Base building
  2. Aerobic -- Maintenance 
  3. CrossFit -- Intensity focus 
  4. Gymnastics - Skill acquisition
  5. Core - Volume accumulation
  6. Accessory - Preventative 

The key things to look out for throughout the year that indicate the phase-by-phase distinctions are: 

  • Total distribution of pieces by category a week (more strength category in strength phase)
  • Style of inter-category programming (more reps in a volume phase)
  • Weekly and daily layout (phase emphasis occurring when freshest)

Yes, we understand we are nerds and do a lot of thinking behind what we put on the page. Don’t let that fool you, we know you need lots of doses of cross-functional-fitness throughout the year to stay in CrossFit shape for sanctionals and other comps, it is there in spades. We also fundamentally believe consistent training of this style leads to better overall fitness. So there will be plenty, trust us. 

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