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Warm up [ private track only ]

30 sec hand stand hold
8 russian KB swings
15ft hand stand walk
30 sec rest
x 2 sets

8 scapular pull ups
8 pause goblet squats 3 sec at bottom
30 sec top of ring row hold
30 sec rest
x 2 sets

Strict Gymnastic

Unbroken strict HSPU set to 6"/3" deficit
1 min rest
Unbroken Strict RMU
1 min rest
x 4 sets
*score is number of reps complete

INTENT [ Private Track Only ]

Max effort strict gymnastic work. One thing we are trying to see what your top end ability is in the early rounds. Then how well you recover in the later rounds. Scale height of the deficit for the hspu and scale to your most complex strict gymnastic pull you can do for reps (strict c2b, strict pull up, elevated ring row etc)

** strict pike Hspu from box if strict on the wall isn't in your tool box yet. Don't resort to kipping today .

Sprint Interval / Gymnastics Vol

15 cal row
15 T2B
15 cal row
50ft handstand walk
90 sec rest
x 2 sets
* score is total time of both sets added together


INTENT [ Private Track Only ] 

This is a Upper body fatiguing workout of course but lets see how well you move under aerobic fatigue. Very sport specific here. The rest will allow you to attack this workout with a higher rate of intensity so go for broke!

t2b - kipping leg raises ( toes as high as possible) kipping or strict knee ups
HSW - set of maintainable alt shoulder taps on wall or 30s static holdOPEN prep Sport


20 wall balls 20/14
50ft dual KB front rack walking lunge (25ft down and 25ft back) 24/16kg
50 DU

*1 rep for every 10ft of lunge
75 reps per round


INTENT [ Private Track Only ]

This is long for an Open style workout, so make sure you pace well in the early rounds. great opportunity to see if you can increase your pace as the workout goes on. PS Your shoulders will be on fire!

Keep those elbows down on the lunges too. Make it harder than Open standards today.

wall balls - scale the weight down before scaling the reps
KB rack carry - weight of KB's
DU - X 1.5 single skips = 75


Extra Credit [ Private Track Only ]

150ft single arm Overhead Carry 70/55 L
150ft single arm Overhead carry 70/55
200ft farmer carry 70/55 per hand
1 min rest
x 3 sets

Carry SZN! Choose a weight that you can complete the designated distance unbroken. This is structural support work. Building strong healthy shoulders!


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