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Focused Affiliate Program (Monthly) - SugarWod


Focused Affiliate Program (Monthly) - SugarWod

Looking to bring immense value to your members?

Don't waste your time guessing at workouts and programming. Focus your time and effort on coaching your member's and knowing you are using the best programming available. ONLY affiliate programming is a proven system built by the world's leading coaches. We are experts at taking your members from good to great. 

Get access to comprehensive training, specific warmups, progressions and scaling, workout intent, strategy, and so much more.

The focused affiliated track takes our already individual performance track and makes it effective for all levels of athletes. If you want to help your members rapidly improve their fitness and start to separate yourself from other local gyms with haphazard programming this track is right for you.

You will be given access to SugarWod to access the workouts, ask questions and get all you need on your mobile device. This is a monthly recurring subscription.

This includes:

  • Full week view of programming 
  • Daily specific warm up and cool down 
  • Extra accessory and mono structural work 
  • Work intent 
  • Scaling options