Only Training

Individual Rehab/Prehab Programming (Monthly)


Individual Rehab/Prehab Programming (Monthly)

Time to address that nagging elbow?

This is a unique program geared to your specific needs that allows you to get back from an injury faster than you thought possible. No injury and just have a certain area that won't work quite right? This is the extra TLC it needs. No cookie-cutter templates, no bullshit.

You will be assigned a world-class coach who will work with you to craft a unique plan that will help get you next level results. This is a recurring monthly program.

Only training, only results.

  • You choose any hot spot or injury to focus on at a time (Knee pain, shoulder injury, tight hips etc.)
  • 2 sessions programmed/week
  • Sessions are ~30 minutes, meant to complement your existing program
  • Comprehensive intake
  • Unique personalized programming
  • Direct access to a coach
  • Exercises and programming intent explained
  • Programming uploaded in True Coach to be accessed on mobile.