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Performance Individual Training (Monthly) - SugarWod


Performance Individual Training (Monthly) - SugarWod

Get access to comprehensive training, specific warmups, progressions, workout intent, strategy, a leaderboard and so much more.

This performance individual track takes our already amazing blog to a new level. If you want to get serious about your training and start to make serious improvements this track is right for you.

You will be given access to SugarWod to track your workouts, follow the leaderboard and get all you need on your mobile device. This is a monthly recurring subscription.

This includes:

  • Olympic Weight Lifting progressions
  • Squat Cycles
  • Gymnastics skill and Volume work
  • Mono-structural Conditioning pieces
  • Full body Accessory Work
  • Access to LEADERBOARD on SugarWod to compare scores
  • Warm ups and Workout strategies

The program's cycles are built to peak for the open each year. We use a block system to separate training focuses. There are 4 blocks (prior to the Peak/Taper phase) from Open to Open. Training methodology and focus modulate block-to-block in an effort to peak the key foundations of CrossFit at the commencement of the Open (strength, olympic lifting, CrossFit fitness, gymnastics and endurance; these are broken down into more granular points of analysis intra-block).

Each Block is divided into two micro-cycles that last 5-weeks (4-progressive overload weeks followed by 1-deload week). Each micro-cycle is broken down into two min-cycles that last 2-weeks (we program on a 14-day basis rather than the traditional 7-day to account for the variance required to excel in CrossFit while still maintaining minimum required linearity within normal training constructs).

An Overview of Purpose for Each of the Blocks

Block 1 Strength Base Oly, Intense CrossFit, Gymnastic Skill, Preventative Accessory, Core Volume

Block 2 Aerobic Base, Power Olympic, Long CrossFit, Gymnastic Volume, Strength Accessory, Core Rigidity 

Block 3 Mid-Tier Strength, CrossFit Blend, Aerobic Deceleration, Gymnastic Volume, Preventative Accessory, Core Volume

Block 4 Event Peak Strength, CrossFit Open Prep, Aerobic maintenance, Gymnastic Realization, Preventative Accessory, Core Realization 

Peak/Taper Peak for Open (~2-weeks; based on actual timing of Open) 


As the sport evolves the focus of the Blocks may also change.