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Stop participating, start competing

World Class Programming

Only Training is programming and 1 on 1 coaching built specifically for athletes looking to compete and dominate in the sport of fitness. Created by world-class coaches and athletes.

The Only Training pillars

Targeted Training

Our athletes compete in the sport of fitness, so we train them that way.

More isn't better

Volume isn’t the answer.
A weakness focus and emphasis on recovery is.

train the right things

Energy system and strength training that is designed in an intelligent and progressive manner.

individualized programming

Coaching needs to be hands on and undiluted.  Our coaches cap at 30 athletes.

Know where you stand

Competition drives success.  Expect a leaderboard all year round.  

Quality is the answer

Weightlifting and gymnastics technique/progressions in specific parts of the movements. Focus where you need it.


"I was extremely fortunate to have met Dave when I did. In a short period of time Dave transformed my olympic lifting to the best its ever been in my life. He truly cares about his athletes and their well being."

– Kristine Andali

”Not only is Dave able to pinpoint inefficiencies, he also has an arsenal of tools and drills to help fix them. He’s been a great asset when helping me with my olympic lifting and gymnastics.”

– Kate Nizio

"Dave is definitely one of the greatest coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Working with Dave has been truly pivotal in improving my weightlifting technique."

– George Sanchez

"Dave is one of the most attentive and caring coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His attention to detail in weightlifting and general fitness has had a huge positive impact on my training."

– Alison Scudds

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Take your training to the next level

We do things differently. Fitness is now a sport and to compete in it we must practice it often. You will see a lot of “classic” mixed modal style work throughout the week. But, we will not overwhelm you with countless and pointless WODs.

Intelligent programming to build robust athletes

We used targeted strength and energy system training progressions frequently. They make up a large portion of the programming. Expect to see 4-6 week cycles of strength work, Oly, gymnastics, anaerobic/aerobic work, and mixed modal pieces. These are designed to keep you on top of all aspects of the sport.

Want to see the only training difference?

Comprehensive Movement Review (Video Breakdown)

See the level of detail and expertise we bring to every movement. This includes video review, analysis and recommendations for 1 movement.

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