Only Training

Our Story

Only Training is the brainchild of two longtime coaches and athletes, Mitch Barnard and David Spurr. During their time as athletes and coaches David and Mitch have worked with a vast number of training protocols. It always bothered them that most people have an aversion to believing that training mixed-modal functional fitness stands in a class of its own as a training system. 

Only’s goal is to lean as far towards a mixed-modal functional bias as possible without giving up the required backbones of general fitness like aerobic base, strength and gymnastics training. We have come up with the perfect mix to excel at the sport of fitness and want to provide it in a medium that allows constant measurement (through a year-round leaderboard) and constant contact (through client caps for private training). 

Only Training is a program designed for the competitive fitness athlete looking to take their game to the next level. 

Our Coaches

Dave Spurr (Head Coach)

  • 7 years of Functional Fitness and Weightlifting coaching experience. In both group and 1 on 1 settings 
  • 1 on 1 Functional Fitness coaching mentorship with Nick Fowler
  • Athlete assessment
  • Program Design
  • MindsetStrength and Energy Systems training
  • Long term planning 
  • Mentored and coached by former team Canada Weightlifter and Multi World Record holder, Terry Hadlow. 
  • Coaching experience at Regional and Sanctional level 
  • 2 time regional team athlete 
  • 2 time Canadian Senior Nationals Competitor 
  • 2018 Masters Pan American Games Weightlifting gold medalist -85 (35-39) 
  • 2018 Masters Canadian Weightlifting gold medalist -85 (35-39)

Jesse Sherriff

● Coaching full time since 2011

● Providing individualized program design for athletes in the Sport of Fitness since 2012

● Head of Programming at Community Athletics in Kelowna, B.C.

● Skill based program development for WODprep and Train Your Weakness

● Program design and editing for The Professor Project

● Coached multiple athletes to Regionals and Sanctional Events since 2014

● Member of the Canadian Functional Fitness Athlete Committee

● Board member at Ontario Functional Fitness Sports Association and British Columbia Functional Fitness Sports Association

● OPEX CCP On Journey

● Has competed at IF3 World Championships, Granite Games